Edit mode: Edit signs in a dictionary project (D)

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In SooSL Desktop, after you start a dictionary project, you will add and edit signs. You edit signs in edit mode. You enter edit mode from the toolbar in the top-right part of the SooSL window. 


SooSL looks different in edit mode. Most obvious: the status bar is red. Both words view and parameter view look different. They have many new icons.

To see words (senses, glosses, example sentences and notes), click Words in the toolbar. To see parameters for indexing and searching, click Parameters.


You can change many things in edit mode:

To save your changes, click Save in the toolbar. 

If you are done making changes, exit edit mode to go back to normal mode.

If you have made changes and haven't saved them yet, SooSL will remind you to save them.

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