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You can add extra videos and images to a sign.

What are extra videos and images?

Extra videos and images provide more information about a sign. Sometimes it is the same information that is in written text, but expressed visually. Sometimes it is additional information.

Extra videos

You can use extra videos for the same reasons as notes. Often, an extra video says the same thing as the written notes. The only difference: it is in a sign language.

You can also have an ordinary video that shows what the sign means. For example, for a sign meaning 'run', you could add a video showing someone running.

Videos are usually in .mp4 or .mov format.

Extra images

You can add images (photos and drawings) for two main reasons:

If you think of other reasons for images, let us know! We will add your idea to this help file.

Images are usually in .jpg or .png format.

How to add extra videos and images to a sign

To add an extra video or image to a sign, first enter edit mode: click Edit sign in the toolbar. After you are in edit mode, if you see parameters instead of words, click graphic Words in the toolbar. 

Look at the bottom of the middle column. To add an extra video or image, click graphic Add media.

You will see this dialog:

If you want to see more details about the files, click Detail View.

Find the file that has the video or image you want, click it, and click . Or, just double-click the file.

SooSL converts the file and adds it to the dictionary project. It does not change your original video. Instead, it makes a copy into the dictionary project. The copy is in MP4 format and is usually smaller. That keeps the size of the dictionary small. It also protects the dictionary, in case you delete or change your original file.

When SooSL is done, you will still be in edit mode. You will see an icon for the new video or image at the bottom of the center column.

To see each video or image, click its icon.

To save your changes, click Save in the toolbar. 

If you are done making changes, exit edit mode to go back to normal mode.

If you have made changes and haven't saved them yet, SooSL will remind you to save them.

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