Support: Contact us and send feedback

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You can get more help on SooSL, ask questions, and send us feedback in several ways: 

We understand English, Spanish, French, Romanian, ASL (American Sign Language), and International Sign. 

Send us email

Send us a message from our website

Use the contact form on our website:

Send us a message from inside SooSL

You can send us a short message from inside SooSL. (For a longer message, it is better to use email or the contact form on our website.)

You will see a feedback form:

SooSL Web

SooSL Desktop

Click to send the message to us.

If your message is sent successfully, then you will see a confirmation message. 

Sometimes SooSL Desktop can't send your message. Maybe you don't have an internet connection. Maybe the SooSL website isn't working. Then you will see the following dialog:

You might also see this dialog if your message is too long. This is a bug in SooSL Desktop. We plan to fix this bug in a future version of SooSL. So, if you have a larger message (more than one paragraph), or if you see this message over and over again, send us a regular email or use the contact form on our website.

If SooSL can't send the message or error report, it will save your message for you to send later. The next time it starts, SooSL will remind you to send it.

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