Sign up and log in to use private dictionaries (W)

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Some dictionaries on the SooSL website are public; anyone can use them. Other dictionaries are private; only certain people can use them. Private dictionaries are normally hidden. 

Perhaps someone has published a private dictionary and invited you to use it. Here's what to do so you can see it. 

You will first have to sign up for a user account. To do so, click in the SooSL menu (top gray) bar. You will then see the Sign Up form.

We ask you to make a username and password, and to tell us your real name, an email address where we can contact you, and what dictionary or dictionaries you want to use. We need to know your real name and email address so we can verify that you have permission to see a private dictionary. You also have to accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then, click .

Log in to your account

After that, you can click to log in to your account from the SooSL menu bar. However, you won't see any private dictionaries immediately. Two other things have to happen first:

Change your user profile or log out

After you log in, you can change your user profile (user name, real name, email address) and password, or you can log out.

On a phone or other 1-column layout, open the menu.

In a 2-column or 3-column layout, click your user name in the SooSL menu bar


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