Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

Updated: 2022-05-09

These Terms of Use tell the rules for using SooSL. (We wrote them in simple English. That makes them easier to understand, especially if you don't read English well.) If you want to use SooSL, you must agree to follow these rules. If you don’t agree to follow these rules, you must not use SooSL.

See also our License and Privacy Policy.

What is SooSL?

SooSL is software for deaf people. Hearing people can use it too, to learn a sign language. 

SooSL is really two programs that work together: SooSL Web and SooSL Desktop. SIL International developed SooSL. SIL's headquarters is 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas TX 75236, USA; https://www.sil.org.  SIL is an international organization that helps deaf people use their sign languages better. (It also does many other things.)

How does SIL help deaf people? One way is by making SooSL. With SooSL, deaf people can:

What do special words mean in these Terms of Use?

When we say “we”, “us” or “our”, we mean SIL International. Sometimes we just say “SIL”.

When we say “SooSL”, we mean all these things:

When we say “you” or “your”, we mean anyone who uses SooSL. Some users only read dictionaries; other users create them.

When we say “dictionary creators” or “creators”, we mean people who use SooSL Desktop to make sign language dictionaries.

Who owns and controls SooSL? Who owns and controls the dictionaries in SooSL?

SooSL itself is the intellectual property of SIL International. SIL is responsible for making and maintaining SooSL.

People use SooSL Desktop to create sign language dictionaries. Those dictionaries are the intellectual property of the dictionary creators. If they want, the creators can give permission to SIL to display their dictionaries in SooSL Web. The creators decide who is allowed to see their dictionaries. The creators are responsible for the information in their dictionaries. 

If you want to read a dictionary on SooSL Web, what rules must you follow?

If we don’t think you are following these rules, we may cancel your username and password. This will block you from seeing any private dictionaries. We may also block you from using the whole website.

If you publish a dictionary in SooSL Web, what additional rules must you follow?

If we don’t think you are following these rules, we may remove your dictionary from SooSL Web.

If you decide to remove your dictionary from SooSL Web, please notify us (see our contact information), and we will remove it as soon as possible.

What may we do with SooSL? What don’t we promise?

We may change SooSL at any time. We do not promise to keep SooSL always the same. We do not need to tell you before we make a change.

If you download SooSL Desktop to your computer, you may continue using it, even after we make a newer version available. However, we do not promise that your existing version will continue to work. If it stops working, we will sometimes try to make it work again. However, we do not promise to fix it. You may have to start using the newest version.

We try to make SooSL work well, without bugs or malware. However, we do not promise these things. We will not pay you or promise to fix things if SooSL does not work correctly, if it becomes infected with malware, or if it damages your computer or your data.

We do not promise to publish every dictionary that creators want to publish. We will make the decision whether to publish a dictionary. We may remove a dictionary from the SooSL website at any time for any reason. If a dictionary is heavily used, we may need to charge you to cover the cost of publishing your dictionary.

We do not promise that the SooSL website will always be available. This includes SooSL Web. There may be times when the SooSL website is not available to you or to other people. We will try to fix it as soon as we can. However, if we can't fix it, we do not owe anyone any money or any service.

We do not promise that information in SooSL, or any of the dictionaries in SooSL, is accurate, complete, up-to-date, ethical, legal or suitable for all audiences. However, if you tell us about information that you think should be changed, we will consider your request seriously. If your request is about one of the dictionaries in SooSL, we will send your request to its creator and they will decide whether to change it.

How does SooSL help and protect children?

We want people of all ages to use SooSL. SooSL won’t hurt children. In fact, we believe it is good for children to learn a sign language. SooSL can help them learn it. 

However, there are some potential problems. Some SooSL dictionaries may contain information about some signs that some parents do not want their children to see. Or, children may send their personal information to us. 

If you are under the age of 18, you need to ask your parents or legal guardians if it is OK to use SooSL. If you don’t have their permission, don’t use SooSL.

Parents and legal guardians should watch their children when they are using SooSL. They must make sure children use SooSL safely. They must make sure that children follow these terms of use.

Maybe you think someone under age 18 has sent personal information to us. If it is information that we should not know, please contact us and we will delete it.

What happens when we change these terms of use?

We may sometimes change these terms of use. We have the right to do so. We don’t have to ask you first. When we change them, we will change the date at the beginning of the terms of use. If you want, check this date any time to see if it has changed. We may also tell you about the change in other ways, but we only promise one thing: to change the date above when we change the terms of use. 

When we change the terms of use, we will start following them immediately. If you continue to use SooSL after the changes, what happens? It means you agree to the changes. If you don’t agree, you must stop using SooSL.

How can you contact us?

You can contact us in English, Spanish, French, or Romanian. Or, you can send us a video in ASL or International Sign.

What are the special legal rules?

We have to say some things in this document using technical legal language. We are sorry that it is harder to understand. If you don’t understand it, ask us, and we will try to explain. 

Limitation of liability

In no event shall SIL nor any of its officers, directors and employees, be held liable for anything arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this Website. SIL, including its officers, directors and employees shall not be held liable for any indirect, consequential or special liability arising out of or in any way related to your use of this Website.


You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent SIL from and against any and/or all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses arising in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms.


If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid under any applicable law, such provisions shall be deleted without affecting the remaining provisions herein.


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