Publish a dictionary project to SooSL Web (D)

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When you are ready for other people to see your dictionary, you can publish it in SooSL Web. You can either make it public, for everyone to see, or you can make it private, so you control who can see it.

If you want to publish your dictionary, first read the rules about published dictionaries. If you don't agree to those rules, we can't publish your dictionary.

Then, send an email to [email protected]. Tell us about the dictionary:

We will tell you if we can accept your dictionary for publication. Then, export your dictionary project to a ZooZL file and send us the ZooZL file. These files are bigtoo big to send by email. You will probably need to upload it to a file sharing service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, and then send us an email with the link. 

Publish a new version of your dictionary on SooSL Web

After you publish your dictionary on SooSL Web, you can make changes on your local copy with SooSL Desktop. We suggest you change the version number in the general information about the dictionary project.

When you are ready to publish a new version, write to us again at [email protected]. We will tell you what to do.

In version 0.9.3 of SooSL Desktop, we plan to make it easier to upload a new version of your dictionary. You will be able to upload the dictionary project from inside SooSL. This will replace your old dictionary with the new version. We hope to make this possible near the end of 2021.

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