Keep spare copies (backups) of dictionary projects (D)

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Any time you work on a computer, it is important to keep extra copies of your files. Usually people call these backup copies. We think it is clearer to call them spare copies.

Why are spare copies important? Many things can go wrong and destroy your work:

How do you protect your files? You make spare copies of them before anything happens. 

In short: many spare copies in many places.

You can make spare copies by copying them manually. This is a problem, though: you can forget to do so. You might get tired of making them, and stop doing so. So, it is better to have an automatic backup system. There are lots of systems to choose from. Here are some ideas.

For more ideas, do a web search for "Windows backup software" or "Mac backup software" or "Linux backup software".

If you don't know how to set up a backup system, find someone who does know how, who can help you.

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