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When you are ready to publish a new version of your dictionary, you can upload the new version to SooSL Web from inside SooSL Desktop. This will replace the old version with your new one. 

This upload only works if you have already published the dictionary on SooSL Web. If you want to publish your dictionary for the first time, see this topic.

Important: We will not keep a copy of the old version on SooSL Web. Once you upload the new version, the old version is gone permanently from our website. If you need a copy of the old version, you should keep a copy of it yourself on your own computer.

How to upload a new version of your dictionary

The first thing you need is a user account on SooSL Web. Normally people get a user account in order to see private dictionaries. You also need a user account to upload a new version of a dictionary. Read about how to get a user account here.

After you have the user account, write to [email protected] and tell us your username and which dictionary you want to upload. We will only let you upload a dictionary if you own it or if the owner has given you permission to upload it. We will tell you when SooSL Web is ready for you to start uploading.

Here is how to upload a new version of a dictionary:

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