Edit general information about a dictionary project (D)

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In SooSL Desktop, you can change the general information about a dictionary project.

To do so, first click graphic Tools >   About Dictionary. You will see the "Dictionary Information" dialog box. Then click at the bottom right to change the information. You will see the Edit Dictionary Information dialog.


You can change the dictionary name (1.), the name of the sign language (2.), a version number or label (3.), and you can write a general description (4.). In the description, you might want to include information like this:

The description can be in plain text, or you can use HTML for special formatting. When you use HTML, it looks like what you see above, with HTML tags like <h2> and <p> to describe the formatting you want. You can click (5.) to see the formatted description. Click to go back to editing the HTML code.

Tip: If you use HTML, use the <br> tag to create blank lines. Although SooSL will usually interpret two normal line breaks as a blank line, the results may be unpredictable.

When you are done editing, click to keep your changes or click to discard them.

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