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When you start a SooSL dictionary, you first need videos of signs. First you make the videos, then you put them in SooSL. 

At a minimum, you need videos for the signs themselves. We suggest you start by making 5-10 videos of individual signs. Then you can start adding signs into SooSL. After you work with SooSL on these signs, you'll know better what to do when you make more videos.

You may also want videos for example sentences and extra videos with explanations.

How to make good videos for a dictionary

You eventually need good quality videos of natural signing. Of course, you can start by just making a quick draft video. For draft videos, you don’t need to follow these rules. Just get a video of the sign, so you know what sign you are talking about as you write the information about that sign. Then, plan to replace the video with a better version later.

Here are some rules for making good quality videos. They talk about five types of things:

The signer and clothing

The location

The camera

4:3 (Standard)

16:9 (Widescreen)

Record the video

Edit and save the video

Next steps

When you have your videos ready, you can:

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