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SooSL files need to work on different kinds of computers, not just your computer. The file names that SooSL Desktop uses to store videos, images, etc. need to follow certain rules. That way, they can work on any computer: on Windows, Mac, or Linux and after they are published to SooSL Web. 

Some file names cause problems on some computers. They may work fine on your computer, but will cause problems if you move your dictionary project to another computer or publish in to SooSL Web. SooSL does not let you create a file name if it will not work on all computers.

The simple rules

Here are some simple rules. We suggest you follow them. They are stricter than you need, but they are safe and easy to remember. (In fact, it is good to use them all the time, for all your computer work, not just with SooSL.)

SooSL does work with file names in other Unicode scripts, such as Chinese, Arabic, Thai, etc. So, you should be able to use letters and numbers from those scripts.

The exact rules

The rules above are easy to remember. To be exact, though, here is what SooSL actually enforces in file names in a dictionary project. 

SooSL's internal file names are based on the file names that you create, when you make your original videos and image files. That way, if you have to look at the internal files inside a dictionary project, it is easier to match them up with your original files. However, SooSL changes them to get rid of problem characters. Things will work smoother if you follow these same rules when you name your original files.

SooSL removes the following characters if it finds them in file names. It removes some completely and it replaces others with a hyphen (-). Avoid using them in your file names.

\ / ' " ` < > | { } [ ] * ? ~ ^ + = , ; : # $ % & @ _

space, tab and other non-printing characters (codepoints U+0000 to U+001F, U+0080 to U+00A0, U+00AD, U+034F, etc.)

- (hyphen at the beginning or end of a base file name or an extension; in the middle is OK)

. (period anyplace except separating the basename of a file from its extension)

Exception: Newer versions of SooSL Desktop (starting with version 0.9.2) use underline (_) at the beginning of its subfolder names. However, this is for these sub-folders only; SooSL doesn't allow this for other file names.

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