Install, run, update, and uninstall SooSL on Linux (D)

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Install SooSL Desktop on Linux

SooSL Desktop can run on Ubuntu Linux and its derivatives (especially Wasta Linux). It has been tested and works correctly on some other Debian distributions, including Linux Mint Debian Edition. If you install it successfully on other distributions, please tell us about your experience.

Run SooSL Desktop on Linux

To start SooSL, double-click its desktop icon. If you don't have a desktop icon, look for it in the system menu under Education, or search for "SooSL" in the search box. (Sometimes on Linux, you have to try to run SooSL a couple times after you first install it. If it doesn't start the first time, try again.)

You will see the startup dialog. (Read that help topic now.)

Update SooSL Desktop on Linux

If you are connected to the internet when you start SooSL, it will tell you if a new version is available. 

You can also check for program updates while SooSL is running. Click Tools in the top-right corner and then click Update SooSL in the menu. 

To install a new version, make sure SooSL is not running, then:

SooSL will remember any previous program settings and where your projects are located.

Uninstall SooSL on Linux

You can uninstall SooSL like you would uninstall any other program. If you uninstall SooSL, this will not remove any dictionary projects. You may have to delete them manually.

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