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The display language is the language used in the SooSL menu, tooltips, dialogs, messages, etc. Sometimes people call it the "interface language". It can be different from the written languages used for glosses, translations and notes in a dictionary. We currently have English, Español (Spanish), Français (French) and Română (Romanian) available as display languages. We hope to add more languages in the future. (If you want to help us translate SooSL to use a new display language, please contact us.)

In the future, we also hope to have help files (like this one) in other languages.

You can change the display language in several places.

SooSL Web

In SooSL Web, you can change the display language from the SooSL menu bar, both from the startup screen and when looking at a dictionary. 

SooSL Desktop

In SooSL Desktop, you can change the display language from the startup dialog when the program first starts. 

You can also change the display language once SooSL is fully open. Click the name of the language in the bottom-right corner of the program window:


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