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There are keyboard shortcuts in SooSL Desktop for common tasks. To see the correct keys to use for your keyboard, place the mouse over a tool icon to view its tooltip. If there is a keyboard shortcut, you will see it.


These shortcuts vary depending on your computer and display language. For English, here are the most common ones:




New Sign                                  

 Ctrl + N

Command + N

Open Editor for Sign               

 Ctrl + O

Command + O

Close Editor

 Ctrl + F4

Command + W

Save Sign                                 


 Ctrl + S

Command + S

Help with SooSL


Command + ?

Toggle between

Show Parameters and

Show Sign Information


 Ctrl + Right Arrow

Command + Right Arrow

When editing signs, you can use the TAB key to move between text fields in the right-hand pane of written language information. Press the TAB key alone to move forward; press SHIFT+TAB to move backwards.

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