Normal mode (D)

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In SooSL Desktop, Normal mode looks like this. The main sections are outlined in blue. Click in a section or on an underlined label below to learn more about it.

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In Normal mode, you can view signs. To add, edit, and delete signs, you need to enter edit mode.

Change the size of the window and the main sections

You can adjust the SooSL window in several ways:

The toolbar

In the top-right portion of the window, you will see the toolbar. In Normal mode, it looks like this:


In Edit mode, you will see some other icons in the toolbar.

The Tools icon is very important. Click on the wrench (spanner), and you will see the Tools menu. In the image below, click on a command to read about it.


The status bar

At the bottom of the SooSL window, you will see the status bar. It tells you useful things about the dictionary project, and gives you a couple useful controls.


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