The Locate Directory dialog (D)

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When you open, import, export or delete a dictionary project, SooSL provides special dialogs that help you work with SooSL files. They make it easier to find and open SooSL files. However, they don't give you full access to all files on your computer or on your local area network (LAN). To get full access to your files, you can open up the Locate Dictionary dialog.

To open this dialog, first click Tools and then Open dictionary, Import dictionary, Export dictionary or Delete dictionary.

When the dialog opens up, scroll down in the list of directories on the left. Click Other.

Then you will see a Locate Directory dialog. 

This is a standard dialog from your operating system. It will look different on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

You can use it to move around your computer and find the directory (folder) you want. You can even type a folder name in the Folder box. See also the topic about working with network (LAN) locations.

Once you have found the folder, click Select Folder. You will go back to SooSL's special file dialog for open, import, export, or delete.

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