Open files across a local area network (LAN) (D)

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Maybe you want to use SooSL to open files on another computer across a local network (LAN). This can be helpful if you work together on a dictionary project with other people. You can keep all the files for the dictionary on one computer, and each person can access them from their own computer.

First, be careful! There is a bug in version 0.9.1 and earlier versions that will delete all the files in a project if you try to open a project across a local network using a network path. If you want to open a dictionary project across a network with these older versions, first map the shared folder to a drive letter (Windows) or mount the shared folder in the normal file system (Mac/Linux). Then, open the project with the local path. Don't try to open the project by typing a network path. This bug is fixed in version 0.9.2, but we still recommend doing things by mounting the folder locally first. 

SooSL's special dialogs for open, import, export, and delete do not normally show network locations. If you try to type a network address (such as "//server/SooSL" or "smb://server/SooSL") in "Look in:", it probably won't work. (This may change in future versions.) These dialogs only show locations on the local computer. Depending on what you want to do, here is what we recommend:

You can, if you want, use the Locate (Dictionary) Directory dialog to open network locations directly, without mounting them first. (On some operating systems, this may mount the network share temporarily.) However, we recommend you do things the way we describe above. They are faster and more reliable.

For more information, see the section about LANs in the topic on how to work together on a project.

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