Edit the list of grammar categories (D)

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In a new dictionary project, SooSL has four grammar categories:

You can change this list of grammar categories. Click graphic Tools > Grammar categories. You will see this dialog:

You can change the name of a grammar category, add new grammar categories, or delete grammar categories you don't want. 

To do so, click .

Change the name of a grammar category

To decide what names to use for grammar categories, it helps if you already have an analysis of the grammar of the language. If your language doesn't have a grammar analysis yet, find a linguist who can make one. SIL International might be able to help; contact [email protected].

To change the name of a grammar category, double-click the name and type the new name.

Click graphic to save your changes, or to discard them.

Add a new grammar category

To add a new grammar category, click graphic. A new line will appear. Type the name of the new grammar category.

Click graphic to save your changes, or to discard them.

Delete a grammar category

To delete a grammar category, click the graphictrash can next to its name.

If any signs use that grammar category, you will see a warning:

Be careful; if you choose (and later choose ), those senses will end up with no grammar category.

After you choose , the grammar category will have red strike-through text.

Click graphic to finish deleting the grammar category, or click to keep it.

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