Edit the list of grammar categories (D)

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In a new dictionary project, SooSL has four grammar categories:

You can change this list of grammar categories. Click graphic Tools > Grammar categories. You will see this dialog:

You can change the name of a grammar category, add new grammar categories, or delete grammar categories you don't want.

To decide what names to use for grammar categories, it helps if you already have an analysis of the grammar of the language. If your language doesn't have a grammar analysis yet, find a linguist who can make one. SIL International might be able to help; contact [email protected].

Change the name of a grammar category

To change the name of a grammar category, double-click the name and type the new name.

Click graphic to save your changes, or to discard them.

Add a new grammar category

To add a new grammar category, click graphic. A new line will appear. Type the name of the new grammar category.

Click graphic to save your changes, or to discard them.

Delete a grammar category

To delete a grammar category, click the graphictrash can next to its name.

If any signs use that grammar category, you will see a warning:

Be careful; if you choose (and later choose ), those senses will end up with no grammar category.

After you choose , the grammar category will have red strike-through text.

Click graphic to finish deleting the grammar category, or click to keep it.

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