Grammar categories

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The words/signs in a language don't all behave alike. We can put them in different categories based on how they behave. We give the categories names like nouns, verbs, adjectives, and conjunctions. These names describe how the words/signs combine with other words/signs. We call them grammar categories. (In spoken languages, people sometimes call them parts of speech.)

In SooSL, each sense of a sign can be marked for a grammar category. You will see the grammar category just after the sense number.

Sometimes, different senses are in different grammar categories. For example, in ASL there is a sign that can be used in two ways: as a verb meaning 'understand' or as a conjunction meaning 'but'.

You can see all the grammar categories in a dictionary. 

You will see a dialog that lists the grammar categories:



These dialogs also tell you how many signs and senses are in each grammar category.

In SooSL Desktop, you can also change the list of grammar categories.

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