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SooSL Web

SooSL Desktop

Most computers today can run SooSL Desktop. If you have an older or unusual computer, you should check that it meets the following requirements:

Operating system 


We recommend a monitor that is 1024 x 768 or larger. A second monitor can be useful but is not required.

RAM (Memory)

At least 1 GB of RAM (random access memory). You will probably get better performance with 4 GB or more.

Pointing device

See the separate topic about pointing devices, especially one-button mice on Mac computers.

Hard disk space 

The hard disk space you need depends mostly on the videos in your dictionary: how many signs, how many example sentences, how many extra videos, and how long each of them tends to be. (If you have a lot of images, you may want to consider them also. The text doesn't take up much space by comparison, so you can ignore it.) 

Once you have a few examples of each type of video file, you can look in the SooSL project folders to find the average file size for each. (You can't estimate the size of your dictionary based on the size of the original videos, because SooSL compresses them for storage in a dictionary project.) Here are some typical values. 

So, for example, if you expect to have a dictionary with 1000 signs, 1000 example sentences, and 200 extra videos, you can estimate your needs as follows: 

150 KB/sign x 1000 =

150 MB

1 MB/sentence x 1000 =

1000 MB

2 MB/extra video x 200 =

400 MB


1650 MB (=1.65 GB)

However, you may find that your files are a different size. Adjust these estimates based on your files: their sizes and how many files you have.

If you export the dictionary or keep multiple copies of it, you will need that much space for each export or copy. (An exported ZooZL file isn't much smaller than the total size of a dictionary project.)

In addition, you need hard disk space for your original videos. How much? It varies a lot, depending on how you make the videos: resolution, compression, how many times you film each sign or example, etc. We suggest you multiply the estimated size of your dictionary by at least five to estimate the space you need for your original videos.

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