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SooSL supports the following operating systems:

Latest binary packages

( Older software and Source code )

Installer (Windows) and App (Apple Mac) for normal users.
README.txt (8 Kb)

Read this file for more instructions.

SooSL-0.8.10_190122 for Windows (64 Mb)
SooSL-0.8.10_190122 for Apple Mac (82 Mb)

Download the file for your operating system and double-click on it.
No need to uninstall any old versions of SooSL.

(Windows exception: If you want to install to a different location than your old version,
 then you will need to uninstall your old version first.)
Demo (ASL) 0.8.10.zoozl (117 Mb)

This file is an example of a SooSL project.
Click on the "tools" icon Tools Menu (right-most icon at the top of the program window).
Use the "Import Project" icon Import Project to make it available for use with SooSL.

Known Issues

0.8.10 [macOS]

Starting SooSL - For macOS versions earlier than Mojave (10.14) you may be warned that SooSL is from
an "Unidentified developer" when trying to run it for the first time. You may still run the program by locating
SooSL in the Applications folder in Finder, right or control-click on its icon, and select 'Open' from the top of the list.

Video display - A small number of Mac users have reported problems in playing videos.

If this version fixes the problem for you or if videos are still not playing, please let us know! You may use
the contact form on our support page, selecting the checkbox
next to the name 'Timothy Grove'.

0.8.9 [Windows]

Malware infection - There is a small possibility that this version of SooSL was infected by malware, possibly due
to a past infection of the Python code repositories themselves. There seems to be little to fear from this, but we have taken
the precaution of removing 0.8.9 from our website, although the source code is still available.
We would further recommend that anyone developing with the source update their own Python libraries.

What's New?

  1. Interface translations added for Romanian.
  2. Updated Python version used for Windows and macOS (v3.7.2).
  3. Installed fresh versions of Python and Python libraries on development computers to remove
    (small) chance of malware infection in previous versions of SooSL [Windows].
  4. Repaired issues in SooSL and SooSL's website which were preventing the sending of feedback and error reports.
    The same issues were also preventing SooSL from checking for software updates.