Search by word (gloss)

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The left-hand column shows the gloss list. (On a smartphone or other device with just 1 column, click to see the gloss list.)  You should see something like this:


This is a list of the glosses for signs in the dictionary. If you know a written word, you can find a sign that means the same thing.

There are usually more glosses in the gloss list than there are signs in the dictionary. Why? It is because signs can have more than one gloss.  Each gloss appears separately. This means that some signs appear in the list more than once, once for each gloss. It doesn't matter what word people know. They can still find the sign. 

Normally, the list includes all the signs in the dictionary. However, if you search for a sign by parameters or by dialects, you will only see signs that match those searches.

Scroll through the list and click the word that you want. This will show the sign's video and other information about it.

In SooSL Desktop, after you select one word, you can also move up or down the list using the Up/Down arrow keys on your keyboard. When you find the word that you want, type the Spacebar, Enter, or Return key to select it.

In SooSL Web, you can use the Up/Down arrow keys to scroll up or down the gloss list. Use the Page Up/Page Down keys to scroll even faster.

Search by typing the gloss

In a big dictionary, scrolling through the list takes a long time. You can find a word quicker by typing it into the search box at the top of the screen.


As you type, the gloss list will get shorter. It will only include words that match what you type.

To clear the search box, click the red or in the search box. The gloss list will go back to its full length. This will be either all the signs, or only those selected by your choices for searching by parameter or dialect.

Search in other languages

Some dictionaries provide glosses in more than one written language. You can choose which language shows up in the gloss list.

For SooSL Desktop, and by default in SooSL Web, the language in the gloss list is the first visible one in the list of written languages.

In addition, SooSL Web has a control at the top of the gloss list that lists the visible languages. You can choose which one will appear in the gloss list.


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